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Our Kitchen Style Ranges

If you’ve decided your kitchen needs to be replaced with a brand new restyled kitchen, we can supply a complete kitchen makeover with every detail covered from kitchen cabinets, doors, handles and worktops.

Our new standard kitchen ranges give you

  • Standard size kitchen cabinets and doors
  • Rigid kitchen cabinet construction
  • 18mm thick side and base sections
  • 18mm backs 1×1 cabinets
  • 3mm lipped front edge kitchen cabinets
  • Soft close Blum drawer box systems as standard
  • Adjustable kitchen cabinet legs
  • Soft close Blum hinges

Our full range of replacement kitchen doors are available in standard sizes. If required, we can custom make all doors, units and colour them to meet your needs. We are manufacturers and installers of high quality kitchens.

Design Consultation

Design Consultation

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Some Of Our Kitchen Ranges

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