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Our Service

Our kitchen restyling and project management process.

Initial kitchen restyle consultation
We will arrange for our surveyor to visit you at a convenient time. The surveyor will help you to decide if you want to simply replace all of your kitchen doors and drawer fronts in a make over – or if you want to refresh your kitchen with a complete restyle. Our surveyor will be able to identify areas within your kitchen that would be easy to change, and that will provide maximum impact in the design without costing you a fortune. He will help you choose matching worktops, sinks, taps and handles to create the complete re-modelling effect

If you choose to restyle your kitchen with new cupboards we will specify our unique solid wood carcasses. We avoid using cheap laminated chipboard carcasses and our cupboards last longer than most because of this.

Kitchen technical survey
If you decide on a completely new kitchen, we will take detailed measurements and do all the planning required and send you drawings, cost estimates and samples for your consideration.

Financial quote and agreement
We will provide you with a completely itemised quote and terms of service for you to sign and return to us. This document forms our contract and is designed to protect you from errors and omissions in the creation and installation of your new kitchen.

Project management
During the work on your new kitchen we will arrange for our Project Manager to oversee the new work and organise all aspects of your kitchen construction with all trades such as plumbers and electricians. Everything is taken care of and nothing is left for you to pick up. We leave your property with a clean, finished kitchen ready for your next dinner party.

Design Consultation

Design Consultation

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