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Because We Manufacture, Design And Install Kitchens,
We Can Do Things For You That Others Can’t

We’re not your average kitchen company

We don’t just install kitchens, we design and make them too. We manufacture kitchen cabinet units, doors, drawers, trims, plinths, panels, the lot.

This gives us a number of distinct advantages when it comes to ensuring that your kitchen matches the style, colour, design and finish that’s right for you, AND saves you thousands of pounds in the process.

Being able to produce units and doors to any size and style, then finish them in matt, silk or gloss, right here in the UK, means that we have expert control over the quality to ensure that the standards remain exceptionally high, as you would expect. We also keep the carbon footprint of your new kitchen lower than others, because we are less dependent on the global supply chain.

When it comes to cost, you can rest assured that if at all possible, some of your existing kitchen furniture can be reused. This means that during the survey process we work with you to decide what can be reused and what needs to change.

So you can change the layout, orientation, colour, style and finish, have a brand new kitchen and save in the process.

When it comes to colour, we can paint kitchen doors to any colour and finish you want, because we mix and match the paint for the doors as part of our manufacturing and finishing process. If you want Farrow & Ball Little Green, we’ve got you covered!

We have been designing, manufacturing and installing kitchens for over 40 years, as part of Kitchen Restyle and TheDoormaker and have installed thousands of kitchens throughout the whole of the UK.

To find out more call us for a chat, or book a survey and we will walk you through the process - you’ll be glad you did.

We have presented a number of kitchen ranges, styles and colours simply to get your creative juices flowing. But in reality, whatever you imagine for your kitchen, we are able to create it.

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Our Kitchen Style Ranges
Our Kitchen Style Ranges

So you’ve decided your kitchen needs to be replaced with a brand new restyled kitchen. We can supply a complete kitchen make over with every detail covered from kitchen cabinets, doors, handles and worktops.


All kitchens need finishing off, and it’s the details that count, so have a look over our accessories to help you get the Kitchen Restyle you want.

Our Services
Our Services
  • Initial kitchen restyle consultation
  • Kitchen technical survey
  • Financial quote and agreement
  • Project management

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we will help you to choose the best appliances, worktops and sinks to fit your kitchen design without breaking your budget.

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